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I International Weekend Of Conscientiology (en)

First edition brings the theme of Universalism

This year, ISIC invites everyone to participate in the I International Weekend of Conscientiology, with the theme Universalism, which will be held on August 12, 13 and 14. The event is part of the actions to return to face-to-face activities at the Campus of the Center for High Studies of Conscientiology (CEAEC) in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná, Brazil, but includes the hybrid format with transmission of online activities.

Every two years, pre-IC ISIC organizes the International Week of Conscientiology, the last edition in 2021 and the next in 2023, and every year, the Edites-ISIC partnership launches new books in different languages and there is also the annual publication of the International Journal of Conscientiology. Therefore, the idea of doing something beyond the biannual event came to the team, which created the I International Weekend of Conscientiology this year of 2022, and in the same way as the International Week, this will also be in August. 

The international weekend aims to create a space for researchers to remain connected with the institution and with each other, in addition to being a combination of providing information, research learning and exchanging experiences with researchers from other continents. For this, it was planned in an interactive format with spaces that favor the exchange and exchange of ideas. 

There are three days of online activities, in the English language, with presentations of articles published in the International Journal of Conscientiology; workshop on Universalism; a space whose title is Meet the Authors, with presentations of new books published this year in several languages; Round Tables for different topics; a fraternization space called International Coffee and an International Agora

Some of the activities will have simultaneous interpretation in Spanish and Portuguese. ISIC invites the public to the free activities listed below:

Introduction to Conscientiology. 90-minute class to provide an overview of the main findings of conscientiological research for new students

Publications of the Journal of Conscientiology (IJC). Presentation of scientific articles of various conscientiological specialties, published annually.

Volunteering in the World. Veteran volunteers from different countries around the world such as Germany, South Africa, Australia, Switzerland, Argentina, Portugal, Romania, and Brazil will present their international experiences, challenges, and opportunities, among other aspects. This activity will give participants an overview of international volunteering and interconnections with maxiproexis.

Meet the authors. An informal chat with authors, translators and reviewers of conscientiological titles published in 2022, in English, Romanian and Spanish.

Round Table Debates. Discussions on four fundamental themes of conscientiological science: Intermissive Course, Universalism, Pacifism and Reurbex

Conscientiological cafe. Space to share views  of researchers who are around the world. A moment to exchange, connect and develop ideas.

International Agora. A forum to discuss international volunteering and interact with the International Cosmoethical Conscientiological Community (ICCC). Researchers from the international area, Conscientiocentric Institutions, Invisible Colleges, among others, will be participating in this event. 

 Another activity connected to the event is the Epicentrism in Debate, which takes place weekly at the Tertuliarium and during the I International Weekend of Conscientiology, on 08/12, at 9 am, will be broadcast with simultaneous translation into English and Spanish. 

Don’t miss the chance to spend a weekend immersed in an environment of multiculturalism and universalism and to interact with other intermissive colleagues contributing to the expansion of Conscientiology around the planet.

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