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Editares in partnership with ISIC promotes the translation of conscientiological books into spanish, english, and romanian

According to the team, the union between institutions was fundamental for the good progress of the project

In the I International Weekend of Conscientiology, held by the pre-CI Interassistantial Services for the Internationalization of Conscientiology (ISIC) between August 12 and 14, 2022, the live Meet the Authors took place, during which seven books released by Editares were officially launched, in three foreign languages: English (3 titles), Spanish (3 titles) and Romanian (1 title).

During the meeting, the authors were able to talk about their books and thank the team of translators and revisers who worked intensively for several months to complete the task of launching so many books together.

Livros traduzidos para o inglês. (Fotos: acervo Editares)

The following books were released at the event:

  1. Assistantial Projections by Marilza de Andrade, translated into English by Terezinha de Andrade.
  2. Conscientiology: A brief Introduction to the Science of Consciousness, by author Cesar Cordioli, translated into English by Jaclyn Cowen.
  3. Intermisive Course, by Tathiana Mota, translated into Spanish by Mónica Gornicki.
  4. Mapeo de la Señalética  Energética Parapsíquica, by Sandra Tornieri, translated into Spanish by Mariana Nieto.
  5. Will: the Consciousness itself, by Dulce Daou, translated into English by Liliana Alexandre.
  6. Zéfiro, by Mabel Teles, translated into Spanish by Rosemere Victoriano.
  7. Zephyrus, by Mabel Teles, translated into Romanian by Adina Oprea.

In addition to the translators, also involved in the work of finalizing the books were ISIC´s reviewers, and Editares´s layout designers, editors, and volunteers. 

“In these months of work, the partnership between ISIC and Editares has been strengthened, resulting in an interaction of friend and companionship, and of course a lot of collaboration between all involved. This partnership will continue, aiming to publish more titles in different languages soon.”

Virginia Ruiz

The availability of on-demand prints (PoD) made it possible to distribute copies less costly to several countries, from sales platforms such as Amazon and others.

The importance of this work is the availability of the ideas of several authors for non-Portuguese consciousnesses, contributing to the formation of new conscientiologist instructors in other languages, to the strengthening of group tasks, and to the expansion of conscientiology ideas on the planet.

To purchase the books in Brazil, click on this link.

In other countries, go to Amazon for the respective language, except for the Romanian book, which should soon be available on Amazon Germany.

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